Jerusalem Urbanscape

A Pan-motion scroll through Jerusalem’s urbanscape designed and animated as a loop. This animation was showcased at “loop-de-loop” within the framework of the 2020 ‘Outline’ illustration festival in Jerusalem.

Loading Loader

This loading animation makes it clear: it is not clear how long we have to patiently wait for the film to load.

I chose to disrupt the familiar “laoding” animation, turning it into a short, animalistic, centered loop, in order to remind us that the present – the ‘wait’, is as important as any other moment.

This animation was shown in the “Disruption” exhibition at the Vitrina Gallery, Holon 2018

Once Upon a Town

A shepherdess searching for her lost herd of goats, discovers the dark void of city life, or is it her imagination?

Produced in association with: Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept., THE ANNA HAVAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND, and the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

Director: Vered Eliezri Ganchrow
Story : Guy Meirson, Vered Ganchrow
Animators: Yavin Ben Reshef, Vered Eliezri Ganchrow
Original Sound Design: David Oppenheim
Renew Sound Design: Noam Temkin

'Excerpts from 'Once Upon a Town

3 Parts of the film with the original soundtrack by David Oppenheim.

? What Are The Deer Up To

“What are the deer up to?” – a song for children and toddlers – for the Israeli childhood songs collection project.

 Link to the full clip »


Bringing Nahum Gutmans's drawing to life

For an interactive educational children’s computer game at the Nahum Gutman Museum

Drawing Practice

Spatial drawing while practicing the ‘Tatumaki’ Boh-Kata by Master Ken Waight


A disturbed mom breaks her son’s guitar when the distortion noise becomes more than she can bear.

Actors: Jenny Altschuler, Tomer Avraham
Language: hebrew.
Direction & Animation Vered Ganchrow.
Photogrphy: Shira Apple.
Editing: Noa Raanan.

Bent out of Shape

A stop-motion short shot in the kitchen