Personal Animation

Once upon a town

A short Animation about a shepherdess who while searching for her lost herd of goats, discovers the dark void of city life, or is it just her imagination?
This film is my Tel Aviv University Film & TV Department MFA graduation project.
Director: Vered Eliezri Ganchrow
Scriptwriter: Guy Meirson, Vered Ganchrow
Animators: Yavin Ben Reshef, Vered Ganchrow
Sound: David Oppenheim
Voice: Jekki Ameamemet Zoborov


In response to the growing escalation of violence
Stop motion animation plus


A short film about a mom who breaks her son's acoustic guitar when the distortion she imagines gets on her nerves.
Actors: Jenny Altschuler, Tomer Avraham.
Photogrphy: Shira Apple.
Editing: Noa Raanan.
Story and Animation effects: Vered Ganchrow

Drawing Practice

Drawing in space while practicing
Ken White's 'Tatzumaki-No-Kata' with Bo.
Parctice and animation on film: Vered

The separation line

Spinning view of an arab village, jewish town and the sky